Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Josh's sermon on Sunday got me thinking about my favorite music.  Muisic is a very important part of my persona. 

I remember watching faithfully a TV show called (I think) The Hit Parade which was about the most popular
(best selling?) song of the week.  I had to watch it at the home of friends since we did not have a TV.
My first intro to playing an instrument was the recorders we used to play in elementary music class--remember those?  I saw one at Toys R Us yesterday. Later I joined my high school band playing the bassoon (really more an orchestra instrument, but it was the only school instrument available--couldn't afford to purchase any instrument).  Of course I was a part of the jr. high and high school choirs--the music teachers were always glad to see us Church of Christ members come because we could read music and hear blends.

The first thing I bought with my own money (earned at the variety store at 121/2 cents an hour) was a portable record player.  It had a green and gray cardboard case, stood on its own wire stand and played only 45's--those little round things with a hole in the center.  The first 45 I bought was Bill Haley's "Rock around the Clock."

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