Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This Spring Break, we are doing a one-on-one program in which each of the three grandchildren get a night and day alone with Nonnie.

So far, it has been a rich experience. Ella (6)was first--her question in the door was "Nonnie, what are we going to do?" My answer: "Whatever you want to do--it's your day." So, we played

Restaurant (Ella wants to be waitress when she grows up); We had a tea party; She colored at the art table by herself; we watched the old Disney movie "So Dear to My Heart" together; we had Toaster Strudels with her initials in frosting on top; got out the Lincoln Logs --and generally had a wonderful time.

Maddie (7) came next--She wanted to do the Lincoln Logs and made a masterful house in no time at all--and then we did House Makeover with the spectators and the demolition. We printed bookmarks with Maddie's own verse and prose on the back (of course this thrilled me); we printed Power Rangers for Sam, and Maddie colored them. Then we did some things for Ella--Big Sister wanted gifts to take home (an indication of Maddie's big heart). We played Go Fish at which I was roundly beaten; Old Maid--beaten again; had a tea party, and Maddie read two books to me(Again Thrill!). She is reading so well at this point in first grade--really into the Junie B. Jones books.

Sam's time will come later in the week. He has already asked for a tea party with cookies.

There is nothing sweeter this side of heaven than drifing off to sleep feeling the light breath of a grandchild on your arm.

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