Wednesday, March 11, 2009

25 Things I Have Done in My Life

Again, for Maddie, Ella and Sam, here are some things I have done in my 71 years of living:

1. Traveled to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Hawaii
2. Ridden in a helicopter in Hawaii
3. Driven a go-cart
4. Written a book
5. Spoken to the State Convention of The Texas Library Association
6. Played canasta
7. Earned a batchelor's degree in English, a master's degree in Secondary Education, and certifications in Library
Science and School Supervision
8. Received awards in debate, writing. teaching and for furthering literacy and fighting censorship
9. Sung in a huge chorus for a religious event--The Gathering in Nashville
10. Learned to drive in a car with a stick shift
11. Collected movie magazines--Photoplay, Modern Screen, etc.
12. Collected items related to books
13. Donated hundreds of children's books to The Judy Thomas Collection at Abilene Christian University
14. Eaten rattlesnake
15. Met many famous children's book authors and illustrators
16. Attended several Broadway shows--My favorite: Les Miserables
17. Canned fresh vegetables in a hot water bath
18. Picked cotton
19. Was among the first certified elementary school librarians in the Abilene Public School System
20. Taught university classes, both graduate and undergraduate
21. Gone rafting
22. Sledded down a Cloudcroft N. M. hill on a huge tractor tire
23. Supervised the Abilene Public School Library System for a short term (not my favorite job!)
24. Was named "best children's librarian in Texas" by the Texas Library Assn. in 1990
25. Chaired the "Abilene Reads" campaign which invited all Abilenians to read the same book in 2002--part of a nation-wide campaign sponsored by public libraries.

And of course, there are many others things to do in the next few years.

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