Monday, March 09, 2009

25 Things I Have Never Done

As I write my 986th blog, I want to repeat that the main reason I began Musings was for my grandchildren. I want them to know what kind of woman I was and what I was thinking on many subjects when I am gone. I am making hard copies of these blogs so they will have them. In the interest of their knowing me better here are 25 things I have never done:

1. Traveled to Europe
2. Learned to swim
3. Shot a gun
4. Begun a business
5. Worn boots
6. Earned a doctorate
7. Hiked a very tall mountain
8. Jumped on a trampoline
9. Played bridge
10. Ridden in a sailboat
11. Met a U. S. President
12. Learned a foreign language well enough to communicate
13. Learned to ski
14. Found a wine I really like
15. Created a work of art (painting, sculpture, song)
16. Played a recognizable melody on the piano
17 .Met either of my grandfathers
18. Eaten sushi
19. Driven a luxury car (Lexus, Caddie, etc.)
20. Cooked liver
21. Watched or read pornography
22. Eaten lamb or rabbit
23. Watched a live car race
24. Gone to the Macy's Thanksgiving or the Rose Bowl parades
25. Spotted a celebrity in Hollywood or Nashville

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