Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Good Day!

In the late 40's and 50's, when I was in elementary school, I would walk home for lunch--there were no school cafeterias then. And we just lived about 4 blocks from the Hamlin Elementary School.

As I walked in the door at home, I would hear a very familiar voice on the radio--Paul Harvey. He was our guest for years at 12:00 each day telling his inspirational stories, giving succinct summaries of the daily news, and letting us know that we were all in this America thing together. And each broadcast ended: "This is Paul Harvey--Good Day!" I didn't feel right if I missed this program--something was missing from my day. And as I grew, I continued listening. Just the other day, here in Nashville, I heard him, and that was almost 60 years later!

Paul Harvey died on Sunday at the age of 90. I had met him in person once before when he dedicated a building in a town near Abilene. (It was the Douglas McArthur building in Brownwood on the campus of Howard Payne University. He was quite patriotic and inspirational. I loved hearing his series called "The Rest of the
Story" which took history's unusual twists and made them into moving stories. He was a storyteller deluxe--perhaps that is why I liked him so much. One could also tell that he had a christian background and that he loved his wife Angel mightly. One thing for sure, there will never be another like him. I shall miss him and his crisp delivery and thought-provoking scenarios.

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