Friday, March 13, 2009

Heavy white blossoms and a random daffodil

Despite this week's sleet and snow, spring has come to Middle Tennessee. It seemed to come
"on little cat's feet" almost overnight. One day the trees were bare; the next day full blossoms appeared on the Bradford pear trees, and the tulip trees.

What I most enjoy is the extravagant white blossoms all over town on the pear trees--they are exceptionally heavy this year (I guess because of the rain we have had). It is pleasurable to look out over a patch of trees which have not come out yet showing only the evergreens and see a surprise pear tree there. A similiar experience is to look out over a wide field and see daffodils springing up where it looks like people never lived; daffodils on the side of the road in a ditch;
and by the side of an old abandoned building downtown. It goes to show that civilized people who plant trees and daffodils leave their legacy for many generations to savor.

It is surprises like this that make spring one of the most pleasing seasons of all and one of the glories of God's creation.

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