Thursday, March 05, 2009

Justice Songs--Tokens

It is not often that one gets to sing "There is a Fountain" with Vince Gill. The audience at the Tokens program Tuesday night did just that, and it was beautiful.

The program centered around justice and featured gospel songs (by Odessa Settles--who shared a fanastic "Were You There?"), songs set in coal country ("You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive" haunting.) sung by Sonya Isaacs and a rousing ending featuring "Blowing in the Wind" by Buddy Green and "If I Had a Hammer" with audience participation. I felt like marching when it was over.

A funny and very pointed feature of the program was the Radio Players in a skit set in a Mexican restaurant about what life would be like if the "English Only" bill had passed. How would one order in a Mexican restaurant if not allowed to speak Spanish? Burrito would be a "tiny donkey wrap", etc.

In addition, Lee Camp interviewed Will Campbell, an author from Mt. Juliet. He wrote Brother to a Dragonfly. The "grass and class" portion featured the Horeb Mt. Boys playing Bach.

Very enjoyable evening. The next one is in June as part of the Christian Scholars Conference at Lipscomb. I hope I can take my friends Jim and Jeannenne Nichols who will be here for the conference.

Thanks Lee and all who supported the program, especially Blue Coast Burrito (tiny donkey).

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