Monday, August 25, 2008


I just got word from Scott Owings that we will be continuing Vespers at Otter on Wednesday nights. Scott left Otter recently to take a new job, and Vespers seemed hanging in the balance. But, praise the Lord, Scott has agreed to lead it again with the help of others.

Vespers is a very special program in the middle of the week where worries and anxieties slide off in the midst of the reading of scriptures, the singing of a Psalm, a short message, soothing music and glorious graphics and stations with art, crafts, and meditations. I am in charge of writing meditations on one of the three scriptures chosen for each night--the scriptures are chosen as part of the church calendar created by other denominations. We celebrate the divisions of the church calendar as well. We will begin with Common Time leading up to Advent.

I am so ready for it.

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