Friday, August 22, 2008

Son of a gun

The news this week has been full of people with guns breaking into houses, robbing banks, shooting former employers, and other craziness.

Then yesterday, another shooting at a high school--in Knoxville in the school cafeteria. One student dead, another bullied and bedeviled student in jail.

I don't know what the answer is--maybe tougher laws or banning guns altogether except for those people who like to go out and shoot tiny animals in the forest.

I am from Texas and grew up with a cap gun and holster strapped to my waist as I played cowboys and Indians with my brothers--but I have never owned a real gun, nor do I intend to.
Texans (at least those I know in West Texas) rarely use guns on a dark street to kill a rival gang member or in other nefarious deeds. Those shotguns in the pickup windows were used to kill
predators of the furry variety.

It is time for the silly comments like "people, not guns kill people." And "you can't take away my constitutional rights to bear arms"--generally said by people who have no wish to go to Iraq, to stop. And it is time for everyone to look soberly at the bloodbath going on in our country of the brave and the free.

I just don't understand the ranting about freedoms when children are dying.

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