Saturday, August 09, 2008


The word "printables" was not even in my vocabulary until my grandchildren discovered the art of printing pictures off the Internet. They think that my printer is the greatest thing since ice cream, and we go through a lot of ink and paper each time they come.

As they spent the night last night, we watched some of the Olympics--we all enjoyed the spectacle and the parade. The kids especially enjoyed the drum sequence and seeing the little Chinese kids. We wanted to see the fireworks, but they were on too late.

Sam discovered an old ice bag in one of my drawers and was fascinated with it--what is this, what is it for? When I explained that when one had a headache or a bodyache of some sort, it would be filled with ice and placed on the sore spot. Sam had a "headache" for the remainder of his time here. I think he even slept with it.

Maddie and I did printables of Hannah, and the High School Musical Gang. Ella and I played restaurant--she loves taking the order, bringing the "food" and conversing with her tables.

So glad the Olympics has started. Now something good to watch each night. I like the swimming, diving....and I will watch one of our Tennesse girls compete in woman's basketball.

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