Monday, August 11, 2008


Yesterday was an especially good day at Otter.

First those children going in to first grade were given a very nice children's Bible. Then
since school was beginning on Monday, the children's minister called all the children of the congregation (I wish there was a warmer word for the assembly) who would attend school from pre-school to college up to the stage. Sitting on the front seat as I do, watching that was astounding. It looked like a flow of lava coming down the aisles. I believe there must have been at least 200 on the stage. (We do have a population of over 400 children!) Parents and teachers were also asked to stand in the audience; it seemed like most of us were standing.
After a sweet blessing, we sang "The Lord Bless You and Keep You." I did miss seeing my grandchildren up there.

Following, Nan Smith came forward and asked for a prayer for the new minister search, and Tim said she should go ahead and lead the prayer. It may have been the first time a woman has lead a prayer in the Sunday assembly--good move! Tim's "Regospeling" series is probably the strongest and most convicting of his tenure at Otter. What a way to go out!

I could see why education is such a big deal in our lives--and why so many of us build our days and hours around school.

Happy school days everybody! Pray for the teachers and administrators.

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