Monday, August 18, 2008

Swing Vote

This current movie is good viewing before our November election. A very jaded look at all the behind the scenes contortions of political campaigns, the film was actually better than I thought it would be. The premise is that the Presidental election comes down to the vote of one man--a red-neck, beer-guzzling, sorry single parent played by Kevin Costner.

I am always uncomfortable with the depiction of parents being raised by their children--saw too much of that in my tenure as a teacher. Costner's daughter is, of course, bright, sunny and very into politics. It is actually she who cast the vote, but a voting machine glitch prevented the vote from culminating--and thus her father, whose name she forged in front of a sleeping voting judge, gets the chance to vote again. The bulk of the film shows the degree to which candidates and their handlers will go to affect the process.

With our current election headed toward being razor-close, it does give one pause for thought.
Set in the dying town of Texico, New Mexico (been through there), the movie is a good look at
our election process which is now on life-support.

My favorite "political" movie is Primary Colors--what is yours?

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