Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is Brandon and Sheryl's tenth wedding anniversary. Thinking about it has surfaced many happy memories:

I remember when I first realized she might be the one--when I saw then together at the old house at Otter Creek one Sunday night.

Getting to know Sheryl and her sweet personality and many gifts--singing, creating, mothering, and being my son's true helpmate who has stood with him through several trying circumstances

Knowing that she truly loves and honors Brandon, as the one I always prayed for as his wife

The day they told me that Maddie was on her way--what joy! And then Ella , and then Sam!! Joy after joy after joy.

Our trip to Maui together when Maddie was two. What other couple would take their mother on a trip to Hawaii????

Watching them parenting my grandchildren in many ways better than I was--ways that often seem almost magical.

And just the fulfilling joy of watching their family together--playing chase, cooking together, laughing, hugging, and worshipping God.

May their days be forever happy, blessed and may their marriage grow stronger every day.

Love, Mom

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