Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Remembering past Christmases as I put final touches on wrapping, etc., I remember the visits to my grandmother's house in Abilene. Granny Tucker was a younger grandmother than I am although she seemed old at the time. I have still not figured out how my parents got our presents (especially the bikes) to her house. The Christmas we all got bikes is a standout Christmas. I still remember my Dad running along side of me as I went down a hill on my new bike.

Those Christmases there were eating holidays!!That is mostly what we did. Granny loved making candy--especially date loaf candy ( which I have never eaten since). A special cake she would only make on Christmas was a four layer (yes-4) Pecan Cake. It had pecans throughout, and a pecan praline frosting that was sumptious and covered with whole pecans. It took a while to eat the huge thing--but we slurped every piece. It was especially good with cold milk. I have never been able to make a 4 layer--but I have done 13x 9's. Not the same , but close. I am mourning the lack of good pecans here. But I will make one before the winter is over--can't do without it.

The table was already covered with food when the aunts and uncles got there bringing
their special dishes. Granny loved making "Coke" salad for the occasion too. I remember one aunt always brought sweet potatoes with cherries. My mother always contributed either her fresh coconut cake (yum) or her date cake and of course, there were many vegetables (my mom's macroni and cheese was to die for).and salads. When we finished, a tablecloth was put over the food (couldn't get it all in the fridge) and we picked on it all afternoon--what a delight.

We cousins spent the time playing hide and seek in Granny's back porch and garage. When the sun went down, warm up of the food would begin (it took a while, no microwaves then)and we would all dive into Supper like we had not eaten in two weeks.

It seemed like paradise--and maybe it was.

Got to go check the recipe box for what I can cook next weekend.

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