Thursday, December 15, 2005

One year

One year ago today, I became an official resident of Tennessee. It hardly seems possible. 525,600 minutes--how does one measure a year? I have measured it with new adventures, new friends, new church, new grandchild, new beginnings.

It has been a wonderful year--I think my blog attests to that. And again--I am so glad I moved. Of course, I miss my friends and Highland, but one cannot go back there--one can only go forward.

Christmas preparation has stolen my blog moments. Try to do better!

Today was the Christmas program for Maddie and Ella--all the kids were so cute in all their Christmas finery. I will repeat what Beth Williamson said, "There is probably 1/2 million dollars worth of video and digital cameras in this room." It is fun to see Brandon take pictures in abundance like his father did.

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