Saturday, December 17, 2005


I was privileged to attend the Point of Grace Winter Wonderland concert Wednesday night. In a previous blog, I reviewed their CD project for the tour--excellent.

The concert was in Christ Church on Old Hickory--holds about 3,000 people. It was packed with chairs in the aisle. The stage was beaufifully decorated with white Christmas trees, a sleigh and cotton snow. Very festive.

The concert itself was God and family based--half of the concert was performed with the Christ Church choir. My favorite moment was when the girls called their children up on stage--all dressed in red flannel pjs. So cute! And then they called all children in the audience from ages 4-10 up to sing a song with them. Surely one of the highlights for those children. The biggest applause of the evening came when POG sang "In the First Light" accapella.

As a side note, I had not been there 30 minutes when a member at Christ Church asked if I was a member and then began telling me about the church. She even left to go get class information, the mission statement, and other print materials. Impressive.

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