Sunday, December 18, 2005

Point of Light

I loved former Pres. Bush's project several years ago--A Thousand Points of Light in which ordinary folks making a difference in the world were rewarded. This past
Friday's Tennessean told the story of a 13-year old girl here in Nashville who deserves the award.

She felt that God was putting in her heart the urge to do something for the homeless. (She volunteers at our Nashville Rescue Center where the homeless go.) She told her parents that this project was all she wanted for Christmas. So she took her savings, held bakesales, etc. and spent $3,000.00 to do this for ten homeless men last week:

They were all taken to Uncle Dave's and given a huge barbeque dinner where she asked them to share their Christmas memories (most had none). Then in a stretch limo, they were driven around Nashville to see Christmas lights starting first at the famous Opryland Hotel. (None of the men had ever seen the lights there.) Arriving back at the center, she gave each man a bag filled with hygenic necessities, sweat shirts, gloves, etc.

The men were enthralled with the lights and the whole experience and the fact that a young girl would do that for them. Such a simple thing--but the photographs of the men looking at the lights were poignant and heart-tugging.

Let us all be hospitable to someone this week following her and the example of Jesus as we try to serve others in this season of "I Want...."

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