Monday, October 25, 2004


Cheerios on the floor, "Fruities" in the pantry and sippee cups on the cabinet. As you can tell, I have been entertaining my 2 gorgeous, gifted and talented, humorous and fun--just-to-watch grandchildren. Oh yes, Brandon and Sheryl came too. They were here from last Tuesday until 8:00 today--a nice long visit, but still not enough. That is why I am moving to Nashville.

The week was one of visits with old friends, wonderful honors for Brandon, and my heart filled with pride at it all. When Royce read to the alumni all the things Brandon did while in school, I wondered how he found time to go to class and graduate magna. Of course, he continues his wild ride now in real life. It tires me out to observe. Needless to say, it was quite a homecoming!

Now I really have to get down to the nitty gritty and pack some more books, really clean the house for an upcoming open house next Sunday (please pray for that--the time is drawing nigh when I need to sell this house), and get many other odds and ends accomplished. I wish I could have gotten on that plane to Nashville and had all this behind me.

A long list of "last-times" will come this month--can't say that I am looking forward to them, but they must come. I have to keep telling myself that Nashville will be worth it.

Thanks to all of you I saw at Homecoming who said you are reading my blog--I can't imagine why--but thanks.

God give us the strength to accomplish all the days you have planned out for us and to do it giving you all the glory and our best service in your name.

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