Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Friday Night Lights

I recommend this movie--I was pleasantly surprised by the treatment of the subject and the lack of caricatures. Of course, I guess it is of more interest to those who live in the area portrayed--Shotwell Stadium is there, the Cougars are there in their blue uniforms. Having grown up in the football culture (2 brothers who played) of West Texas, the film was nostalgic for me. As a former teacher at Cooper High School, I never thought I would cheer for the Permian Panthers, but I found myself doing that.

Billy Bob Thornton did a good job on Coach Gaines. I never thought I would hear "My goodness gracious" coming from Thornton's lips. I was sorrowful when one of the main characters "Booby" felt his life was over when he could play no more football. That is not uncommon in this culture--and I feel like screaming when I hear it. Bob Trelease says that if fathers would spend more time reading to their sons than throwing balls, fewer boys would wind up in special classes as nonreaders.
As I hear my friends who teach at ACU speak of their athletes who cannot compose a short sentence or read a paragraph, I weep.

Sometimes the adoration of sports eclipses that of you, oh Father. Please forgive us of our silliness.

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