Thursday, December 01, 2011

Owning a house

Finally after six months, I am now the proud owner of my house at 918 Reeves.  I am amazed that I have owned three different houses in less than ten years.  No wonder I can't find anything!!  I do remember where things were in Nashville--problem is, I'm in Abilene now.  I guess it will all just take a while to feel really grounded in the house. 

It is nice to know that this little piece of brick is mine (as long as I pay the payments), and that we can finally hang all the pictures.  Isn't it strange how much difference that makes in feeling at home...  I am really tired of stumbling over them on the floor.

The gremlins must know that the house is mine now; I just spilled a glass of orange juice on the fireplace and carpet.---thank goodness for Resolve.  The air outside smells of rain, and it has turned cold--we are supposed to get a real "norther" this weekend.  I am really enjoying the gas heat in the house--so much warmer.  This is the first gas heat I have had since living in Potosi. 

The kids came over and decorated the tree on Monday night.  Brandon asked if I minded a "kid decorated tree".  Mind??? I love it!!! So much better than having to do it myself.  The tree also makes the house seem more like my home.

Thank you God for my new-to-me warm house.  May you be honored inside its doors!

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