Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dog Days After Christmas

Nope, not depressed.  Just dog-sitting Cisco and Bear for a while.  They are generally well-behaved except when Cisco is biting Bear's tail and getting retaliation.

Our Christmas Day was just as wonderful as expected--presents, fun, good food and church.  Maddie read part of the Luke account and Ella was Mary in the nativity scene.  Brandon and Sheryl led worship.  There was a bigger crowd than I thought there would be. 

The girls got some handsome clothes and hats which they wore to church.  I told them that they looked as if they stepped out of Mademoiselle.  I don't think that magazine exists anymore, but they were so stylish.

They received a Wii and the game Just Dance.  It was  SO  fun to watch Sam perform the dances like a pro.  His daddy would not perform.

Went to see War Horse with Ronnie and Darla.  It is a good movie for the family--except for some scenes of WWI which are realistic.  The horse gets tangled up in wire from the barracades.  Although predictable, I enjoyed the film.  I think it will be nominated for the Oscar.

I hope to see Sherlock Holmes for sheer entertaiment this season.  And, of course, can't miss Tom Cruise.  Looking forward to Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher too.
Why do all the good movies come out at once?  The family and I enjoyed We Bought a Zoo.  Recommended except for one word which could have been left out.

All, in all, I think we had a very merry Christmas.

I already miss the Christmas carols on the radio.

The weather is weird; it is supposed to almost reach the 70's this week.  It was very cold on Christmas Day, like winter is supposed to be.  As they say, in Texas one has to wait only a minute until the weather changes.

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