Monday, December 05, 2011

Here with us

Christmas and Christ were ushered in last night at the Paramount Theater in Abilene.  Brandon, Sheryl and about  40 others presented a wonderful Christmas  performance which not only honored God and Christ, but moved many people in the audience to tears in several places.

The band was great, the soloists terrific and the songs sung (many of them new to me) were heart-stirring.  The next-to-last selection "Jesus Saves" rocked the house--it is one we need to learn acapella.  SO MUCH BETTER than the old "Jesus Saves" in our hymnals.

Betty Hukill, the executive director of the Paramount, came in and took a picture of the stage.  She said it was the most beautiful Christmas set they had ever had.

Thank you, thank you to all those who worked weeks on it--definitely one of my  favorite spiritual experiences!

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