Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

It is actually snowing in Abilene, Texas as I write this--melting as it touches the ground; but it is still snow....what a way to spend Christmas Eve! 

We are having chicken spaghetti tonight as we open presents at my house--all my gifts to them.  Probably will have trouble getting the kids to eat with the gifts under the tree calling to them.  I was cooking Brandon's requested hash-brown casserole while the Christmas carols were playing on the radio, and I couldn't help but remember those days at Potosi when I did the same thing on Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow, I will go to the kids' house for Santa and opening more presents, then to church.  We are having Sharon's brisket for lunch  YUM.  It all sounds like lots of family fun which it always is.  Very often there is a tinge of nostalgia or longing as we remember the days when Sam was here, and we spent the holidays either in Pasadena or Groesbeck and sometimes at Dorothy's house in the Woodlands.  Those days are all gone, but good memories still remain.  Those memories thrust at us to try to create those good feelings for Maddie, Sam and Ella.  I hope that is happening.

Then Monday the carcass of Christmas will remain with the attendant boxes, tissue, wrong sizes, and credit card bills.  HOWEVER,  it is worth it to watch children enjoy the days.

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