Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Magical Universe

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper."

It is so easy to miss things as we go through our days--so easy to miss some of the gifts of God strewn upon our way, as the song says.  For example, as a new season is turning here, it is easy to miss the first few signs of that--leaves slowly floating downward to the ground, a slight breeze from the north, the earlier darkening of the day...but, yet, it is fall here in Texas.  Currently at 3:13 p. m. it is 88 degrees and was 56 this morning!  So different from 110 and 78.  Who knew that it would finally get cooler and we could rejoice at God's universal order? 

Maddie has her first braces--Brandon's facebook has a neat picture.  But I didn't know that they made braces in shapes until Maddie came by yesterday and showed me her heart-shaped metals.  So cute!  And magical.  We have come a long way from George Washington's horse's teeth to heart-shaped braces.

I spent almost 2 hrs. this morning being examined and grilled by a new doctor.  I was so impressed!  She let nothing slip by, and she was quick to offer solutions to small problems that had been bothering me.  I highly recommend a woman doctor for women.  They empathize so much more readily--magical.

It was a glorious time Sunday as our church came forward to be served communion.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the servers--such a blessing to look into the eyes and touch the shoulders of so many I love and so many I do not yet know.  One of the eye-opening things was our company of really tall men college students.  I had a hard time looking them in the eye without hurting my neck.  There were so many good-looking men and beautiful college women.  It was truly a commnuity-building event for me, and I hope for others.  When we do something like we did on Sunday, it always makes me wonder why we don't have more "innovative" approaches to communion.  It was definitely not the "let's see how fast we can get this done" approach in the early days of the church, nor was it the "let's sit in rows in front of one another , and get a guy to start the elements down the aisle." approach.  It was a sitting around a common table or rock and really remembering the man who had not been gone too long with bread and wine.
In short, it was magical.

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