Thursday, October 13, 2011


This is the 20th anniversary of my husband's death in 1991. (Actually he died a little after midnight, so officially it is October 14th).  But this was the day on that Sunday when we spent all day watching his every movement and listening to his breathing, surrounded by family, friends and it seemed hundreds of ACU students.

Shortly after his death, an oak tree was planted in the courtyard of Austin Elementary where he spent so many years as a teacher and principal.  One of his teachers and friends, Renee Collins wrote the following  thoughts which are now on a plaque in front of the tree:

          Sam Thomas  (1933-1991)

One man's life:

Seconds of direction and advice

Minutes of jokes and laughter

Hours of sharing and encouragement

Days of tenderness and compassion

Weeks of leading and teaching

Months of strength and endurance

Years of knowledge and wisdom

a Lifetime of love.

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