Monday, October 17, 2011


The conceopt of coming home has always touched my heart.  Homecoming at ACU is  special to me and my family.  I believe we really do bleed purple!  One of the float featured a hospital situation where the IV had purple blood.

Best of all the weekend, besides seeing people we love, was the musical.  While dated in some ways, The King and I contains some of my favorite musical music.  And the dance scene never fails to thrill me.  I have seen three (I am old!) of the King and I productions at ACU, but I do believe this one was the best.  Thank you ACU theater department--you did it again!

Worship on Homecoming Sunday is always special; but yesterday was even more so because I was led in by my son and daughter-in-law. Sheryl sang "Redeemer" and made all of us cry in joy.  Thank you Sheryl, daughter of my heart.

It was  fun to see the grands so into Homecoming and ACU.  They have new ACU shirts and wore them to church Sunday morning.  It is surprising to have figured that Maddie will be in the freshman class of '17 if I counted correctly.

Thank you Lord for homecomings.  We look forward to the grandest of all when you come.

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