Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gains and Losses

Not a good week for the Rangers!  Maybe next year!  I guess Academy will have send all those World Series shirts (with the Rangers on them) back.  Seems a waste.

Really cool weather is here, and I tried out the heater in my house for the first time---I have never had one that heated so quickly and so warm!  Thank you Lord.  You knew I needed warmth for my thin blood and quaking bones.

Maddie and I played a game similar to Scrabble last night, and she won--and we had a good laugh when she made up a word to gain points, and I said "What is that?"  She pronounced it phonetically and just laughed and said "I made it up."  It looked like a Russian version of an English word to me.  What a girl--she is way ahead of the rest of her class in a math race too.

And Ella, sweet Ella, was thrilled when I let her make pumpkin cupcakes this morning--she christened my new Kojie apron.  Ella loves to cook, and she also got to do another favorite thing:  Plant a flower--hope it doesn't freeze.  But I think mums are almost industructable.

It is such a joy to be here close so I can watch them grow and change and enjoy life.  Maddie hand-printed some Bible verses for me to put on my fridge.  She has such a beautiful hand, unlike her grandmother whose handwriting is quickly deteriorating into hen scratching.

When they come, we usually watch the Disney channel, and I am always struck at the insistence of their marketing--always pushing new programs and new products and new stars.  No wonder they make billions a year.  I rather resent it, although I am glad that there is one station my grandkids can watch anytime of the day and night safely.  And I really do like their new program "Jessie".

Today I am going to watch some of the programs I recorded while the Rangers were on--love that DVR.

I just might take time to read a book too.  I am anxious to get into Mike Cope's new Megan's Secrets

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