Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monarch Migration

The monarch butterflies are here as part of their 3,000 mile migration to Mexico--we get a front seat to their beauty as they hang from trees, covering the limbs in orange and black.  Some of them are so huge, they look like birds from a distance.  This Texas state insect replenishes on our flowers and in our ponds ready to finish their journey. 

Who can look at them and not believe in Creator God????One would have to be very dense to try explain away this yearly migration on the same path as a yet further evolution of that wet amoeba.  I know that Abilene is seeing thousands right now, and we will see them again in late March (it is said that some of the same butterflies will come back).

It makes me want to read Isaiah 40: 12-26 again and again.

Thank you Father for the work of your hands and mind.

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