Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Year

I just finished preparing my date books for the year--yes, I have 2--one for my purse and one by the phone.  One can't be too organized!

Birthdays are noted with the age of the day, some appointments circled.  The monthly book club sits alone one the second Thursday.  Phone numbers are listed at the end of the books, including doctors' offices.

Why is it we cling to these books?  Because they tell us that future days are coming with the promise of celebration and excitement.  Because, in my case, they help me to feel more organized and secure because my memory is slipping more and more.  Because they keep me attuned to the needs of others--birthdays, the month I take food to others, the day I read at Wayne Reed, etc.

If I had a Blackberry, I'm sure the process would be easier, but that's a future purchase.  Now, I rely on paper.

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