Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More snow!

Days like today make parents appreciate school even more!  We are out again for the 4th series (count 'em) of  snow days!

I thought Pres. Obama's State of the Union was good, although not as passionate nor inspiring at the one in Arizona.  It was subdued, as was the audience.  He is right, we do sell ourselves too short--we can and are pulling ourselves out of this dark period and moving forward.  May we do it at a faster rate!

Glad to see his ratings up--I want him to succeed and be reelected.  Some of the projected folks who are thinking about running are creepy and scary.  I do not know how they think they can win.

Tennessee has a new Republican governor; we will see if he can outdo Gov. Bredesen.  He did not begin on a positive note though.

I thought the Texas Legislature was poor at governing, but Tennessee has them beat!  The bills that have been offered and passed  since I came to Tennessee are a mockery of government for the people.

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