Friday, January 28, 2011

Fisher Gone

Nashville's world was turned upside down last night with the announcement that Jeff Fisher was leaving as coach of the Titans.  He has been here 16 years and has become not only a favored coach, but also a contributing citizen to  city life and charitable causes.

He seems to be a kind, optimistic gentleman who has had more than his share of troubles with his team this year.  If it is announced that he was fired, many will rouse up in arms against Bud Adams the 86-year-old owner of the team.  Adams has seemed to be slipping into dementia the past year--it remains to be seen what has happened.  It may be that Fisher is fleeing to a less troubled team--he will probably get another job in a week.

At any rate, I will miss seeing him on the sidelines and in the news.

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