Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Letters

Christmas letters and fruitcakes have similar reputations.  I am one person who enjoys both!  The Christmas letter or note gives the writer more room to share important events, ages of children and their growth,  what the year has brought to the family, and maybe a few little brags.

I just finished my 23rd Christmas letter and am in the throes of getting them in the mail at this late date--today is Epiphany--the end of Christmas.  I enjoy doing the letter, even though I sometimes protest that I have nothing to write.  I enjoy looking over the year to see what has happened and writing about my grandchildren.  I enjoy decorating them a little bit (perhaps someday I will know how to put pictures with them or even send the letter by e-mail with pictures the way Brandon did this year.)  I enjoy looking through my address book to see who I have added , who has moved and  those with whom I no longer correspond--they have moved and I don't know their address or sadly, have died this past year.

I hope that those who receive them will enjoy them too.

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