Thursday, July 01, 2010

Rewards of Slowing

1.  Spiritual strength will come if we wait upon the Lord. (As the song says)

2.  A deeper relationship with God.

3.  Freedom from the responsibility for everything--you don't have to hold things so tightly--God is in charge!

4.  You become more present to the moment and to the people you love.

5.  You have time for reflection, deep thinking.   Richard Foster said, "We don't need more intelligent people in the world; we need more reflective people."

6.  You begin to notice things around you--creation, the smell of spring, bird song, blue sky.  Noticing these gifts engenders gratitiude to God for all He has given.

The process of slowing is not easy or fast.  We are in the words of II Cor. 3:18 being transformed into his likeness--we are people in the making.

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