Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hurry sickness remedies

Here are some short-term remedies for hurry sickness:

1.  Drive in the slow lane on the highway; say a prayer for everyone who passes you.

2.  Join the longest line at the grocery store, or, better yet, give up your spot to the mother with the three crying babies behind you.

3.  Eat more slowly savoring every bite.

4.  Schedule small solitudes:  early in the morning, at noon, late at night.

5.  Say no to all extra activities for a month--even if they are good.

6.  Clean out all clutter--give yourself room to breathe.

7.  Unplug all electronics for an hour or day.  Bask in the silence.

8.  Declare a fast from honking your car horn.

9.  Begin to notice the small things in nature--athe wildflower, the blue sky, the constellations at night.

10. Unclench your fists and relax your neck and shoulders periodically.

11. Go through a whole day without your watch. 

12. Deliberately choose waiting when you can; spend the time with God.

The rewards of slowing tomorrow.

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