Friday, June 25, 2010

Hurry Sickness

Some of the symptoms of hurry sickness, as promised yesterday: (these are from several authors; I am sure you could add to them)

1.  You are haunted by the fear there are just not enough hours in a day to do what needs to be done.  You have a constant sense of strain and burden.
2.  You subsist on fast food. (The American contribution to world cuisine is fast food--food which can be held and eaten from one hand while you are doing something else.  And we get no real pleasure from it.!
3.  You buy anything which promises to help you read, talk, sell or drive faster.
4.  You are always searching for the shortest line--in the grocery store, dept. store or the fastest lane on the highway.
5.  You have a time-organizer the sice of the Merriam-Webster dictionary, and you also carry a Blackberry.
6.  You take great pride in multi-tasking and being available 24/7.
7.  Your life is full of unfinished tasks--unopened mail and e-mail, unread books, unreturned calls, unfolded clothing in the dryer
8. You may not be feverish, but your days are full of feverish and frenzied activities.
9.  Your are addicted to filling up every kind of space--time, closets, cabinets,
10. You have delusions of grandeur--nobody can do it as well or as fast as you can.
11. You honk your car horn at every opportunity.
12. You eat your meals in 10 minutes while you do something else.
13. You are always late.
14. You don't have tme to cultivate new relationships.
15. You rely on TV for news, because it takes too long to read the newspaper.

If very many of these fit you, my friend, you are sick.  Possible remedies tomorrow.

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