Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hurry Sickness--Remedies

Did you decide you had hurry sickness?  I guess we all have some.  Here are some remedies I am going to suggest tomorrow:
1.  Intentionality--You must decide to do as Ezra did in Ezra 7:10.  My version says he devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law.  Another verson says, "he set his mind". So you must set your mind to

2. Follow the example of Jesus.  He often withdrew to a lonely place or to a moountain or to a boat to pray and think about God.  It sounds like he chose solitude which is also a spiritural discipline.  No, you don't have to become a hermit or a monastic.  It just means you take time to turn aside, look at your life and follow his example.  His ministry only lasted three years, yet he says in John 17:4 "I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do."  You might choose to eat lunch alone and seek a respite, or you could get up early before everyone else, or go into and lock the bathroom door for a while to "cool down" from the hurry of the day.

3.  It helps me to practice Examen.  At night as you lie down, review the day.  Ask what moment of the day was most grateful?  At what moment was I least grateful?  Or you could couch it this way, when did I feel most alive today or when did I feel the life draining out of me today.  Pledge to rid you life of the life-diminishing things and to seek more the life-enhancing moments tomorrow. 

4.  You can also seek longer times of solitude--create a sabbath day in your week.

5.  You must learn the practice of saying no.  There is and will always be the tyranny of the urgent and the unimportant.  Yes is a very seductive word--It means somebody wants you, and wants you to do something you do well.  After all, we are assisting in repairing the world (oops, there's that delusion of grandeur--God has already created the world and can run it without you).

6.  And of course, you cannot do it, that is, unhurry your life without prayer.

7.  You should seek accountability in the process.  Tell someone you can trust what you are attempting to do and ask them to keep you on the right path.

Yes, this all takes perseverance, and it often may seem like a waste of valuable time; that's because we are so programmed to stay busy doing rather than being. And doing often seems more holy.  Have you ever thought that the devil uses good things to tempt us away from God?

Tomorrow some smaller, more immediate ways to eliminate hurry.

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