Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reading at Wayne Reed

I read today to the pre-school children at the Wayne Reed Christian Child Care Center (CCCC).  These children  who live in the toughest part of town and whose parents both work were so well-behaved, sweet and responsive, I just had to hug them all.  They all insisted on helping me out of a very low chair and inviting me back.  It was a great experience!

I do miss reading to children--something I did nearly every day of my professional life as a public-school librarian.  Maddie and Ella have told me that their librarian never reads to them--what a shame.  Children treated to a visit to the library ought to hear a good book before they leave as part of their experience.  Yes, of course their teachers read to them (especially at Grandbery Elem.) yet, I am hearing from teachers who say they have no time to read anymore because of all the emphasis on testing.  Yes, their parents read to them--but sometimes they are not hearing the best of books there. I think it is part of a librarian's job to point both children and their teachers to the best of books available--there is so much junk out there, that a professional is sometimes needed to point the way.

Read on, kids!

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