Tuesday, March 02, 2010

March madness

I am living in a state where today one can buy houses for $100,000 less than they cost to build.  And where one sees a beautiful Jaguar parked in the lawn by a major road with a for sale sign in the window.  Where respected members of the community ( a preacher, musician and another brother) were recently indicted for swindling friends and families in a ponzi scheme and then delaring themselves not citizens of Tennessee, but of an independent nation which they have formed.  Where the state government is struggling to balance a failing budget and proposing to cut in places like schools, mental health, aid to the elderly and indigent, etc.

And where it snowed on March 1st!

Perhaps one day we will get back to the days when we didn't feel we had to have all the money in the world or live in the biggest houses in the world, and getting to know the difference in glut and happiness.

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