Friday, March 19, 2010

The Feast

My book club recently shared lunch and discussion with Josh Graves, the author of our book for the month THE FEAST, HOW TO SERVE JESUS IN A FAMISHED WORLD.  Here Josh writes about risk, service, community and the spiritual disciplines.  He states in the preface, "I've become passionate about the project of connecting the world of Scripture with today's world.  This book is written out of my struggle to live in the world of Scripture."

THE FEAST is both an uplifting and challenging read.  Josh told us that one reason he wrote the book was to bring the 18-19-years olds he was teaching out of their spiritual malaise and doubt.  However, the book fits all those who need a fresh view of what it really means to follow Jesus.

Early in the book, Josh quotes Eugene Peterson's take on God's command to John in Rev. 10:9-10 to "Eat this book!"  Indeed, Josh writes, "Digesting the teachings of Scripture is one way Christians can actually embody the good news of God in our chaotic world."

My favorite chapter is "Food and Water" in which he says that the sacraments of Holy Communion and baptism are central to the Christian life because they remind us of who we already are, and they are moments when the spiritual and the physical mesh in unusual and holy ways.

Josh Ross ends the THE FEAST  with a thought-provoking study guide.

We enjoyed the book and our time with Josh G.

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