Saturday, February 27, 2010


About two weeks ago, I got up planning  a good day with company coming and found that I could not walk
without a great deal of pain in my "good" right leg.  The pain affected all the muscles from groin to ankle.  Beause arthritis is getting the best of my body, one would think it the cause--but no.  After X-rays at the offices of 2 doctors, my knee was found to have good cartilege although there was arthritis under the knee cap. 

Using the cane has brought some relief, and the pain has gotten better with time, but no one seems to know the cause of my affliction.  I am going off my cholesterol medicine for a while to see if it is the culprit.  I start therapy on the leg next Tuesday to see if that will help. 

Meanwhile the difference in my gait is making my arthritic left knee more painful than usual and my feet are really hurting as well.  What a bummer.  This is cramping my lifestyle!

I have a new appreciation for folks who don't walk well--for one thing, balancing the cane while trying to pick up something or while  going  up the stairs is a trial.  And it takes me twice as long to do anything.  I cannot stand more than 10 minutes in the kitchen to cook nor  can I walk briskly beside others (not that I walked briskly in the past).

So ends the painful saga of the past two weeks.  I'll write when things change which I hope will be soon!

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