Monday, February 22, 2010

A New year

I know, it's February--after all, it is my birthday.  In fact, my 72nd birthday--seems unbelievable--my 50th was only yesterday.

The kids took me to Cantina Laredo last night for some real Mexican food--Yum!  We had a good time.  Gifts were fun too (I always have fun with gifts whether giving or getting).  Maddie gave me a Jackson Pollock-type painting she had done herself with a tie-dye technique and a card she had bought with her own money which highlighted some of the cursive writing she is learning.  Ella made me a red bowl because she knew I like red. and a funky elephant paper weight.  She also included a dollar bill in her card for me to use as a tip the next time I eat out!  And along the way, they and Sam gave me some earrings which I had requested.  Brandon and Sheryl gave me a lovely green bowl, some beautiful napkins which matched and a
candle lush with Italian Orange fragrance.A very special gift was the flowers Sheryl arranged and gave me--I love all of these expressions of love for me.  Makes a body feel good!

I am so thankful for the life I lead here in Nashville  with friends and family--Coming from a 3lb baby born at home on a snowy Feb. night to 72 years here has been a long journey.  I am increasingly aware of the brevity of life and the importance of celebrating the days we live.  Thank you God for your love and mercy and for bringing me this far.

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