Friday, February 12, 2010

The Cafeteria Line

One of  positive things about the recent snows  was getting to watch the birds at the bird feeder. (I know, some of you are sayiing, get a life).  One can do worse than sitting quietly watching some of God's creations.
Funny thing was, they  all seemed to line up like people at Furr's Cafeteria--waiting in line patiently for their little seed.

There were beautiful red, fat cardinals and their mates (female birds less showy--wonder why God did that?)
The pigeons came in droves, bluejays and woodpeckers with red heads, starlings, and others I do not know.

One daredevil seemed to hang off the feeder by one foot, others flew in for a nosedive to get one, and still others just took what fell on the ground.  They reminded me of people I have watched.

Thank you God for all parts of your creation.

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