Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Piddlin' and organizin'

I really like the time between Christmas and New Year's--its a time for clearing out, cleaning out, organizing, filling a bag for Goodwill, filling a bag for garbage, thinking and rethinking about what to throw and what to keep. I just finished organizing my bathroom cabinet and threw out a large bag of "I don't need that stuff." Gives one a good feeling, almost a feeling of power.

Have you heard about the movement to "keep only 100 things"? Things besides built-in home devices, that is. Could you do it? I could not--don't think I could even do 1,000 things. However, I am working on letting some things go. I can only imagine the picture of Brandon and Sheryl walking in after I am gone and trying to figure out what to do with what's left.

I have labeled and taken pictures of those things which are antique and handed-down, in case they want to keep them. If I could only find the pictures now. :(

Happy New Year!

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