Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moments of Grace

For about the two weeks, I have been the recipient of many moments of grace. Last Wednesday night, coming back from baby-sitting, I ran over a huge pallet in the road at about 12:30 p. m.The setting was very dark and very cold. Fortunately, a y oung couple turned around after they had passed me, and came and sat with me until Brandon could come. I got to know AAA very well for the next few days. After being towed home that Wed. night, I had them tow me to WalMart for new tires. Walmart could not help me because the rims of the tires were also ruined, so AAA towed me back home. Then the next day, they towed me to Nolensville Collison where I finally got the car fixed and back to me on Christmas Eve. All along, AAA drivers, Walmart (which amazingly did not charge for taking off the tires and putting the damaged ones back on) and Marcel at the repair shop, as well as the Hertz people who not only delivered a car to me, but also took me home after I returned it, so many nice people!!!

And Christmas--we couldn't have asked for a better holiday--lots of fun with the kids (how often are you as excited about anything as they are about Santa?) lots of good food at BST and Sheryl's and lots of nice gifts made the holiday very special. My very favorite gift is a huge picture of the family holding hands running along the beach. Another favorite gift is a brightly-colored funky cup from NYC with a big red apple, the Crystler Bldg, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Statue of Liberty on it.. I want to go back to the big city some day. Brandon and I spent two Christmases there after Sam died.

And now with many good memories and an empty bank account, I look forward to a new year. I hope all who read this blog will prosper, pray, and grow in joy in 2009.

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