Monday, January 12, 2009

January Doldrums

A long time between blogs. Christmas has gone--all the decorations have been filed away in boxes--the snowmen have come out announcing real winter. Surprise and excitement have fled, being replaced by bills and beans and rice. Oh, yes, it is January.

However, those little snowmen are cute and they will decorate until mid- February. I am joyfully using and enjoying all my gifts and eating good soup to warm the bones--so it is not so bad.


Enjoyed having the kids over this weekend and watching Maddie and Sam together. Sam was writing in his "journal" like Maddie--not a bad thing to copy. Good time to start "writing". Trouble is, he wanted me to draw pictures to decorate the journal--and that is bad news. When is the last time you tried to draw Spiderman?


Doris and I are enjoying trying to see all the good moview out right now. Not a pet person, but I loved Marley and Me. Good clean entertainment. And the new Eastwood movie--not clean (R) but vintage Eastwood. We have yet to see Doubt and Benjamin Button. Maybe this week.


The Golden Globes, I hope, are no indication of the Academy Awards. Much, much political correctness there--so much bowing and scraping to Bollywood. And the thug Mickey Rourke???? Boo!


But of course, the return of 24 made for a good evening's viewing--I like that show!


And so, we begin a new year of writing, blogging, thinking, and musing. Happy New Year!

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