Monday, January 19, 2009

English the Official Language

Nashville is all in a twist over a referendum to make English the official language of government here. Put forth for the third time by a State Official (who also refuses to reveal where he got his money for it), it seems a rather waste of time, money and philosophical debates. I think the election itself is costing over $130,000.

It seems they believe that having to have translators everywhere is a waste of taxpayer's money! What about the election?

All sounds very racist to me--there has been a huge influx of Hispanic population into Nashville in the past few years. I have no problem with translators in government, in hospitals, or schools (why take their jobs away too?) If my taxes can support the greedy, fat cats of "investmentdom" and the criminal bankers and lenders who messed up the housing market, why not support a few translators in offices, schools and hospitals? We are all in this together trying to eke out a life and those who cannot speak English make the life more diverse, colorful and rich.

I don't know, but I will bet that Crafton and his cohorts don't speak English well at times too. I do know they don't speak the iconic American welcome of Lady Liberty.

What a crock! Vote against the referendum early on Thursday.

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