Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

The word "emotional" is being used often to describe yesterday. I concur--it was emotional for me. The swell of the crowd, waving of the flags, the Marine Band, Aretha Franklin's hat, interviews of crying people of color, his hand on the Lincoln Bible, and the inclusion of a poet in the ceremonies made me laugh and cry.

I am not a closet patriot. It is full force for me, as it is for me to be a Texan--displaying those flags and logos, oh yes! Reciting Emma's poem on the Statue, oh yes! Hand over the heart when the flag passes, oh yes! Watching every minute of January 20th, oh yes! Seeing all generations and all colors come together for the celebration, oh yes!

OBama's speech was excellent, I thought--full of challenge and reality, yet very articulate and well-said. I loved the term "patchwork heritage"--wish those crazy people in Nashville wanting to require English as the language in all govt. business could even get a glimpse of that. Commentator Mark ? (can't remember his name) on the Leherer (sp.) show on PBS talked about the moment in the White House when the President was signing in his cabinet--A Catholic, A Jew, the first woman Majority Leader, (all present had some sort of distinction) etc. were standing there watching; what a moment. And Obama's citing that a son of a man who would not have been served in a Washington restaurant years ago was now taking the oath was appropriate and scathing.

I also loved the poet's vision of "walking in a widening pool of light." Beautiful. I know some are comparing her to Whitman--maybe a little over the top. It was nice to know that the arts have a place in the Democratic agenda. Wonder why the Republicans have never had a poet at their ceremonies???I shall never forget watching Robert Frost at the Kennedy inauguration.

Seeing the children walk in jauntily and wiggle during the ceremony was fun too. Sasha's thumbs-up to her father was a special moment. And didn't the couple look handsome at all the balls? What pretty clothing-- designed and made in America by immigrants! Great choices.

All in all, it was a wonderful day to share with America. I look forward to our "Picking ourselves up" and improving our situations with hard work and optimism. God Bless America and God Bless Barak OBama.

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