Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hello, Texas

Brandon and I took a hurried trip to Texas Friday and Saturday for a family wedding.We enjoyed seeing relatives and being part of the occasion. I enjoyed hearing "Texan" again AND eating wonderful Mexican food at Pappacito's. I do not understand why some of the mexican food places here cannot find the same sauces used in Texas. The enchiladas (cheese) were luscious and the chips and salsa were very crisp and just a little bit tangy--just the way I like it! Good memories.

It was good too for Brandon and me to have the time together--it has been a long time since we had so much talk time. I am very proud of BST--he has grown up to be a good man, pure of heart, soft-hearted, and loving. Thank you God and thank you all our friends who helped us bring him up.

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