Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday

Our first meeting was less than auspicious. He was hairless, scrawny, red and screaming. I was tired and tearful.
If the rule of first impressions applied, we would have been only fleeting acquaintances. But he was my new son, and I had take him home.

Things improved, and life with Brandon Scott Thomas became 24/7 joy for his mom and dad. For the last three decades, love has grown beyond any boundary. Neither of us is perfect, but we have been mightly blessed by God in our journey together. I thank God daily for Brandon's ebullient, charismatic personality and for his tender heart and touch.

Thank you, God for all the gifts you have given my son. They have charmed and blessed all who know him. I pray that the rest of his life will be filled to overflowing with love for You, love for his family, and love for others.

Happy Birthday yesterday, Babe--and thank you for the journey.

Love, Mom

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