Sunday, September 14, 2008

Texas and other things

Everytime I read my Texas Monthly, I miss Texas. I miss the vastness, the country-friendliness of the people, the big cowboy hats, the big hair, the spread of the blue sky, the diversity of the state (from forest to desert), the Friday night lights, the small-town newspapers, the church pot-lucks, the gorgeous scenery just down the road from everywhere, the state high-way system, the goofiness of the Texas Legislature and governor (Tennessee comes in second here), the
frontier mentality that almost anything is possible, the ranches and cows down every country lane, the bluebonnets and firewheels, the blooming crepe myrtles in Abilene, the West Texas Fair, the strong UT enthusiasm, (that's University of TEXAS), cosmopolitan Dallas, friendly Fort Worth, the sense that there is still a frontier to be forged, and that important things can be done in our lifetime, the Texas emphasis on wind energy, the good schools that still make things happen with all kinds of students, schools where few riots, guns, and violence appear, (especially in West Texas), and the Texas go-for-broke attitude toward problems.

However, the current state in my life is Tennessee which is where my son and his family live, and I would not give that up for another stay in Texas. Too precious!

Yea and hallelujah! Otter finally has a new worship minister. It only been 9 months since Brandon months. One could have a baby in that time! Murray Sanderson and his family are moving here in October. A very good choice.

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